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    are locally and naturally grown

    using natural grow inputs powered by

    the sun, with high THC values. As a

    result, we strongly believe that Solargram

    Farms is the perfect strategic partner for the

    Province of New Brunswick as well as for

    Canada overall.

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    The outdoor production site and buildings is now owned 100% by Captiva Verde and is debt-free. The acquisition is a testament to the skillful New Brunswick executive team of Len Wood and Marc LeBlanc who made an extremely rare find. Included in the site is an onsite man-made 6 million gallon fresh water pond with surplus water fed by two high capacity spring fed wells to easily satisfy the water demands of such a high yielding and expansive growing operation.

    Being an outdoor, ultra low-cost cannabis producer
    was one of our core value propositions.

    Solargram Farms

    Solargram Farms, a wholly owned subsidiary of Captiva Verde, will become Canada’s largest outdoor cannabis growing operation, having in excess of 5 million square feet of outdoor production capability at 100 percent yield

    The Solargram team has over 25 years of collective cannabis agriculture experience. Solargram has a five year planned outdoor farm with production capacity in excess of 185 farm acres representing over 76,000 kg’s of dried cannabis.



    At 100% yield, the company has an initial 5.6 million sq. ft. capacity (8.1 million sq. ft. total planned capacity) to outdoor farm and grow in excess of 150,000 plants for cannabis oil concentrates and products, and will initially grow up to 5 different premier quality, proprietary cannabis strains.

    Aerial View of the Solargram Farms in Summer and in Winter:

    Planting Season at Solargram Farms (Summer 2020):

    Solargram Farms - Updates from August 20, 2020:

    Solargram Farms - Updates from August 27, 2020:

    Solargram Farms - Updates from September 05, 2020:

    Solargram Farms - Updates from September 18, 2020:

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