Sage Ranch is a 138-acre site located between the parallel arterial roads of Valley Boulevard and Pinon Street near Downtown Tehachapi. The site is within a half mile from the City Hall and Central Tehachapi, and in close proximity to many shops, restaurants, and public spaces in the Downtown District. It is commonly considered as Urban Infill and located within the T4 Transect Neighborhood General zone as identified in the city zoning code. The T4 zone “is applied to Tehachapi’s general neighborhood areas to provide for a variety of single-family and multi- family housing choices in a small-town neighborhood setting.” An orientation to a variety of residential housing prototypes are promoted as well as a focus on Streetscape and Public Realm considerations.

    The Principals of New Urbanism are promoted with Traditional Neighborhood Development that encourages walkable and connected streets, strong streetscapes with housing fronting onto the street, reduction in garage impact, absence of a walled community, orientation to a hierarchy of park conditions in close proximity to all homes, and an architectural vernacular that is consistent with the regional and local architectural character. All of these identifying characteristics are embraced within the planning context for Sage Ranch. 

    • Total Number of Units: 1000 

    • Total Project Cost: $231 Million 

    • Developer Equity: 31.6 Million • Builder Project Opportunities: Single Family Homes, Town homes Age-Targeted Homes, Apartments 

    • Land Area: 138 Acres 

    • Building Area: 1,600,000 SF 

    • Qualified Opportunity Zone 

    • Construction Start: Q1 of 2020


    The Master Plan for Sage Ranch is consistent with numerous new planned communities throughout California with an orientation toward smaller lots, less maintenance, walkable communities and access to nearby parks and community amenities. New Urbanist planning and Traditional Neighborhood Design provide the over-riding context for the community development. Realizing that there is a greater orientation to open space in a small-town setting; the 7.2 Home/Acre Gross density is actually lower than most of the new planned communities that are planned throughout California.


    The smaller lots allow several strong incentives toward quality community development: Orientation to garden, patio and porch spaces provide more community interaction, less yard maintenance and lowerwater and energy consumption. The higher density of homes will allow for a Home Owner Association to be developed at much more reasonable cost. The smaller homes comply with the typical market range between $250K- $320K, while allowing some higher priced homes to occur with a high anticipation for equity improvement. All homes will be designed with special charm and character reminiscent of the great historic communities in America, with porches fronting beautiful tree lined streets.


    The Market Orientation provided the planning for 1000 total dwelling units at an
    overall gross density of 7.2Homes/Acre. Eight different housing prototypes ranging
    from 5500 SF Single Family lots with 3000 SF Homes to Single Story Attached
    Homes at 950 SF define the for-sale market. Apartments constructed at a condominium
    specification are also included with a range of 750-1300 SF. There is a diversity
    of housing options within the community that appeal to a large demographic and
    wide variety of income buyers. Current Market speculation is that about 20% of the
    buyers will be local homeowners, with the 80% balance anticipated for out of town buyers.

    The City of Tehachapi is well known for its community activities and strong civic pride. Locals love the family and social opportunities that are prevalent there. It seems every weekend has something happening whether it is the rodeo, a cycle or running event, famers markets, shopping events, high school football, and the many other numerous civic and charity events.

    The natural beauty of this mountain town and surroundings provide so many opportunities for hiking, horse-riding or just enjoying the scenery. The holidays are also highly celebrated with festivities and opportunities to express the local pride in community and country. Tehachapi is a special place, where new home buyers can take advantage of the multitude of activities offered and enjoy a mountain lifestyle that most people can only dream of.

    Streetscape at Sage Ranch is another significant feature of the community with a strong focus to “Complete Streets” and to connected streets throughout the community. There are multiple access points to traffic access in all directions; planned to allow the smooth flow of traffic and not to rely on single access points which can create congestion. All streets are planned with curb separated sidewalks and tree lined parkways adjacent to the roads. The intent is to create a strong street tree character allowing abundant shade conditions. The vast majority of garages will be accessed through enhanced alley conditions, allowing architecture to front the streets with parallel guest parking directly in front of homes. Other special features will include a central theme road which ends in both directions from Valley Blvd and Pinon Street to a central park.

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