Captiva Verde is a global health & wellness company.

    From careful planning and cost-cutting strategies, we greatly reduced our fixed cost and loaded most of our expenses onto variable cost for a greater profit margin.  This will be sustainable to ensure our business success in the long run. Our assets include sustainable real estate communities in California, outdoor organic cannabis cultivation in Canada, premium infused products, consumer retail partnerships across North America, and medical cannabis license product distribution in Mexico .

    To enrich the lives of every individual by accessing the healthiest, safest & most trusted cannabis & hemp products in the world at affordable prices.

    Captiva Verde is well positioned to take advantage
    of the strong tailwinds behind cannabis, hemp and
    sustainable green living.


    Captiva Verde is capitalizing on the next phase of cannabis where brands and organic products matter deeply to consumers. Our real estate portfolio includes sustainable living communities that are built for families who care about their environment.


    Our internal resources and enterprise level capabilities enable Captiva Verde to function as an all encompassing ecosystem to grow cannabis, build products and distribute them to large cross border consumer audiences.


    Our world class partnerships enable Captiva Verde to build world class brands and access mainstream CPG (consumer packaged goods) retailers across North America and beyond.


    We are building natural health and wellness branded product offerings that matter to people who believe in quality and demand integrity.

    Value Chain Focus

    Our play to win strategy is focused on segments that represent superior profit potential. This focus on growing premium organic plants, building brands and exporting trusted products across borders to mainstream retail will produce high margin results.

    CAPTIVA VERDE Investor Deck.

    Cannabis Business Objectives

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