To be the first mover in a large new country.

    Captiva has been granted with the diverse pharmaceutical medical license in Mexico market, where the company can supply over 300 different psychoactive and non-psychoactive at affordable prices specific to the Mexican consumers.

    To be a producer in Canada of ultra-low cost, high quality outdoor cannabis.

    Captiva acquired Solargram Farms at extra low cost to grow at prices much lower than in the black market, which is still dominating 75% of the Canadian market.

    To have an established, award-winning and successful brand in the cannabis 2.0 space.

    Captiva acquired MissEnvy, a brand name with an extensive line of products and with a diverse and intensely loyal customer base.

    To be always fitter and faster in project delivery.

    Captiva has zero debt, and keeps operating costs to a minimum. Everyone on the team is totally dedicated and working more than 12 hours a day to hit every single milestone in our project deliverables.

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